Belgium: AB InBev unveils new logo and brand identity

As part of repositioning the company, AB InBev has today presented a new logo and brand identity. In line with its new global purpose— “We dream big to create a future with more cheers”—as well as the consumer-first strategy the new visual brand identity is aimed at better connecting with AB InBev’s new purpose and its evolved strategy.

“This simple and modern design better connects with the spirit of optimism, ambition and celebration that comes with our new purpose of dreaming big to create a future with more cheers,” says Richard Oppy, Global Vice President, Global Brands at AB InBev.

Some key elements of the new design include:

  • A symbol representing the clinking of glasses at the moment of “cheers,” connecting directly to the new purpose.
  • A new gold color that captures our optimistic outlook and mirrors the golden hue of beer and barley, the cornerstones of AB InBev’s business.
  • A new refined wordmark that modernizes the company’s expression and connotes its forward momentum as a company and a business.

The new visual brand identity was designed by global consultancy Prophet. “As AB InBev moves beyond beer and beyond mainstream, we wanted to create a corporate brand identity that can play a larger role in the experience, communications landscape and brand expression,” said Prophet Chief Creative Officer Peter Dixon. “We believe this new visual and verbal expressionperfectly captures AB InBev’s revitalized corporate brand and inspiring new global purpose.”

For a video with a logo animation please click here.

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