Belgium: Heineken merges beer, malt and cider activities

In order to strengthen their position and simplify management, Heineken has announced to merge its beer, malt and cider activities in Belgium. So far, brewing group Alken-Maes, malt producer Mouterij Albert from Ruisbroek and cider producer Cidrerie Stassen from Liège operated as separate units. As of 1 July all three companies will be combined as Alken-Maes NV with a turnover of 300 million euros and more than 600 employees.

"By bringing the three companies together within an entity, their position is strengthened. Alken-Maes NV is based on three strong, complementary pillars. That is also necessary because the breweries, the cider producer and the malt house operate in very competitive and mature markets, "says Edwin Botterman, the CEO of Alken-Maes.

In 2016 Botterman became CEO at Alken-Maes, Belgium's second largest brewery with a market share of 12 percent far behind after AB InBev in Leuwen with 58 percent. Alken-Maes has three breweries in Belgium (Alken, Opwijk, Kobbegem) and is known for its beers Maes, Cristal, Affligem, Mort Subite, Hapkin and Desperados.

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