Belgium: Yellow vests protest against AB InBev and its major shareholders

The yellow vests movement that started in France as a protest against rising fuel prices is increasingly becoming a protest against capitalism and the power of multinational organizations. The newest target of protests is international brewer AB InBev which is accused of maximizing profits by avoiding tax payments.

A little bit more than a handful of protesters blocked on Monday evening trucks in front of AB InBev’s headquarter in Leuven, Belgium. Anarchist activist Peter Terryn said that the group wants to proceed with the protests until Saturday. "Depending on the number of people who appear, we may consider other actions," says Terryn.

On Saturday the yellow vests will celebrate in Brussels a National Day of Action against the pension reform and austerity plans of the Belgian government. "They cannot do anything but save because multinationals do not pay taxes," says Terryn.

This is allegedly also the case with AB InBev and its shareholders, which is in general a “cause of growing poverty.” Some of the major shareholders were named in Panama Papers, Luxleaks and Swissleaks and operated offshore companies in the Bahamas to pay fewer taxes.

Pictures of the protest at AB InBev's headquarter show a banner with the slogan "Haal het money waar het zit" - "Get the money where it is", an old socialist fighting slogan from the Netherlands.

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