Carlos Brito: The fantasy of a wannabe-beer-monopolist?

Carlos Brito, CEO of the world’s largest brewer AB InBev revealed this week an insight view of his ideology. In an interview with news service Just Drinks he said, that” beerdrinkers are a bit tired of choice and go for fewer brands.” This statement caused a lot of mocking comments on the internet like “Yeah choice blows, he’s on totally the right lines. Quality also stinks too”.

The ever-growing number of craft breweries all over the world and the proliferation of beer brands suggest that Brito is either wrong or ahead of time. As the last numbers show, growth of U.S. craft beers seem to have reached its peak in the last months. Industry experts already see a rocky road of consolidation ahead of the brewing industry. Let’s hope for Brito that this was on his mind during the interview and not the fantasy of wannabe-beer-monopolist.

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