Denmark: Carlsberg asks consumers to ‘Adopt a Keg’

Carlsberg asks Danes to ‘Adopt a Keg’ and help Denmark’s Bars come back stronger. By enjoying a beer at home, the new “Adopt a Keg” initiative allows people to help jumpstart the bar economy as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

By scanning the labels of four Carlsberg cans and adding it to the brand's website, people can fill a keg in their favorite pub or restaurant from the comfort of home, earning two post-lockdown pints along the way.

The Danish brewer launched  a TV ad, created by Grey Europe, which finishes with a spin on Carlsberg’s long running “Probably the best beer in the world” strapline, saying: “Can we drink today like there is a tomorrow? Probably.” The TV commercial is also supported by a social media campaign on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Julian Marsili, Carlsberg’s Global Brand Director, said: “The hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard. The bars we love are empty, for good reason, and right now there’s nothing people can do but wait. With ‘Adopt a Keg’, we’ve enabled people to support their favorite bars, simply by enjoying a beer at home. By adopting a keg, people can drink like there is a tomorrow: giving us all something to look forward to and helping to kick-start the hospitality industry once it opens up again. Best of all, that first future beer with a friend at your favorite bar? It’s on Carlsberg.”

The campaign seems to work. In two days 2158 virtual kegs were created in Denmark, 1297 bar-codes validated, and the campaign received the support of the Danish Bartender Association.

However, this is not Carlsberg only initiative to alleviate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Carlsberg Foundation, the company’s majority shareholder, is donating DKK 95m (USD 13.8m) to mobilize and support researchers, art museums and civil society through the pandemic. The brewer has also donated to affected societies around the world and produced hand-sanitizer using alcohol from its breweries in several markets.

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