Denmark: Carlsberg unveils details about new headquarter

C.F. Møller Architects, one of Scandinavia's leading architectural companies with about 330 employees, have recently unveiled details about its pioneering architecture of Carlsberg’s new headquarter in Copenhagen/Denmark.

The central atrium of the four-story office complex, which is formed by two of the three wings of the building, opens on to Carl Jacobsen's Garden and Villa overlooking Carlsberg Byen, where the founder of Carlsberg J.C. Jacobsen moved his brewery in 1847 to get access to good clean water outside the city of Copenhagen. The third wing forms a bridge over one of the quarter's main access routes.

The building is adapted to the historical surroundings and the scale of the site, by tapering the height down towards the smaller surrounding houses and Carl Jacobsen's Villa, and by designing the façade with recesses.

The façade consists of large glass panels that are rhythmically divided by vertical copper-covered slats, which echo the old copper brew kettles and at the same time references the fine copper detailing on many of the historic buildings in Carlsberg Byen.

At each floor of the atrium, a communal area allows company employees to meet, “gathering all the office sections, both vertically and horizontally, so that all the departments are experienced as one single working community, reinforcing collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation.”

Construction of the 15,500 m² of office space plus 7,700 m² of underground parking was started in February 2017 and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. Once Carlsberg’s New Central Office is completed, Carl Jocobson’s Garden will for the first time become open to the public.

Lone Bendorff, who joined the partnership and was also appointed new CEO at C.F. Møller Architects as of this Monday, said that she feels “awe and respect,” and she considers herself  “to be well-prepared for the task.”

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