Europe: Heineken’s global hard seltzer brand, will be expanded into Europe

Following the launch in Mexico and New Zealand last year (, 17.9.2020), Heineken will launch its global hard seltzer brand Pure Piraña in selected markets in Europe. Right before summer Heineken hopes to meet consumer demand across the region and to gain an edge over competitors by entering the market early. The hard seltzer will be available in Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, with other markets such as the UK joining the hard seltzer trend throughout the year and into 2022.

According to a media release, “Pure Piraña is alcohol re-imagined. ‘Pure’ stands for the beautiful simplicity of hard seltzer, crafted with carbonated purified water and a dash of natural flavourings, together with 4.5% alcohol. Just like its namesake, Pure Piraña is a social animal with a zest for life – which makes it perfect for a modern generation of consumers who swim against the current in their endeavour for change.

“Pure Piraña is a refreshing and tasteful sparkling water with alcohol, at only 92 calories. I’m proud that we are now sharing this taste experience and the fun of Pure Piraña with consumers across Europe,” says Cecilia Bottai Mondino, Global Head Flavoured Beverages at Heineken.

In Europe, the fruity-but-not-sweet alcoholic alternative will be available in three flavors: Lemon Lime, Red Berries and Grapefruit. Pure Piraña is aimed at a modern generation of consumers who are increasingly conscious of their consumption habits and lifestyle choices.

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