Germany: Brau Beviale and Drinktec to merge

Brau Beviale and Drinktec, two of the largest trade fairs in the beverage industry, are set to join forces in the future. Nürnberg Messe and Messe München have announced the establishment of a new company that will be responsible for organizing these events.

Both the BrauBeviale and Drinktec brands will remain independent and it is likely that trade fairs will continue to alternate between the cities of Nuremberg and Munich. In the past, an internal agreement ensured that Drinktec took place in Munich/Germany, every four years, with Brau Beviale being held in Nuremberg/Germany during the intervening three years.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted this arrangement. Last year, it was originally planned for both trade fairs to take place within a few months of each other. It was only through the veto of the exhibitors that this was prevented at the last moment. (, 14.1.2022)

As a result, Nürnberg Messe decided last year to skip the Brau Beviale for another year, after it couldn't be held as a regular trade fair in the two previous years. Therefore, the first regular BrauBeviale since 2019 will take place again this year from November 28th to 30th, 2023, in Nuremberg.

Through the merger, the two trade fair companies hope to achieve not only better domestic scheduling coordination but also the possibility of combining events abroad. Both trade fair companies have organized beverage trade fairs in emerging regions of the world in recent years (drink technology India, food & drink technology Africa, China Brew China Beverage, Brasil Brau, SIMEI, Beviale Mexico, Beviale Moscow, Craft Beer China, Craft Beer Italy), which could potentially be merged or better coordinated in terms of timing and location. Furthermore, synergies can be achieved through the consolidation of acquisition and administration.

More details on this matter will be provided during a press conference next week.

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