Germany: Doemens to start new part-time brewing course

Doemens Academy from Graefelfing near Munich, Germany, one of the oldest and most prestigious private brewing schools in the world, has now announced to start from July 2022 a new part-time training class for obtaining a degree as master brewer and master maltster.

For decades, Doemens has with great success been conducting an eleven-month advanced full-time training course for this subject. In addition to this established full-time course, Doemens will now offer apart-time training class, consisting of block-by-block classroom training (including internships), webinars and self-studies with teaching films created by Doemens.

This new offer is directed to interested parties who, in addition to exercising a professional activity, want to be trained quickly and effectively. The focus is also aimed at ambitious specialists in breweries with internal training programs. Interested parties should have a high level of self-motivation and a pronounced ability to develop and deepen learning content independently.

The part-time training course serves as a preparation to obtain a master's certificate at the Chamber of Handicrafts (HWK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria. The master craftsman's examination consists of four parts - in the case of in-service training, preparatory lessons only take place for examination parts I (specialist practice) and II (specialist theory). Examination parts III (business administration and legal studies) and IV (trainer aptitude test) can be completed independently at a Chamber of Crafts in Germany.

As the examination at the Chamber of Crafts is only offered in the German language, both courses, the full-time as well as the part-time class are also offered only in German.

However, for interested parties Doemens Academy has a long-established cooperation with Chicago’s renowned Siebel Institut, to offer brewing technology training in the English-language under the brand “World Brewing Academy” (WBA). The courses, of varying duration and diverse objectives, cover a wide range of brewing technology topics starting with the Concise Course in Brewing Technology, held only at the Siebel Institute. Further courses of the WBA are offered and conducted at both campus locations in Munich and Chicago.

In 2016, the private brewing and savouring school Doemens took the decision to relocate to a new and larger site just two kilometers away from the current school. (, 23.8.2016) Groundbreaking took place in June 2020 and completion of the new site was scheduled for the second half of 2021. According to internal information, relocation will now start by the end of September and the whole facility will be fully operational again at the beginning of October.

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