Korea: GoldenBlue Files Complaint against Carlsberg Group

Korean whiskey maker and distributor of imported liquor GoldenBlue filed on Wednesday a complaint with the Korean Fair Trade Commission against its former partner Carlsberg Group for unilaterally ending their distribution contract. GoldenBlue had distributed Carlsberg beer products under a three-year contract between 2018 and 2021.When the contract expired, Carlsberg shifted to short term contracts in an apparent attempt to set up its own sales unit in South Korea.

Three months ago, Golden Blue made a public announcement regarding Carlsberg's "unethical" conduct, while simultaneously maintaining the option for legal action.(inside.beer, 28.3.2023)

During the last five years, GoldenBlue hired around 50 employees for its distribution of Carlsberg beer products and ramped up sales of beer products significantly, making Carlsberg one of top 10 foreign beer brands in the country.

In October last year, Carlsberg declined to renew the existing contract with GoldenBlue and set up its own sales office.

“Losses continued due to increased expenses (in marketing and investment) as Carlsberg Group pushed with excessively high sales goals,” an official from GoldenBlue told The Korean Herald. “But, the company endured the losses in hopes that the company would be able to generate profits from a long-term perspective,” he added.


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