Malaysia: Carlsberg exempted from paying USD 5 million in taxes and fines

Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia today reported that it was exempted from paying sales tax and penalty totaling MYR 20.65 million (USD 5 million). The Selangor State Director of Royal Malaysian Customs told the brewery in a letter that "the bill of demand for sales tax amounting to MYR 13.76 million [USD 3.3m] and the penalty amounting to MYR 6.88 [USD 1.7m] for the period of July 1, 2011 to Jan 14, 2014 has been cancelled".

The claim dated back to 2014 and remained on open flank to the brewer over the last six years. Carlsberg always rejected the liability on the demands. Reasons for the cancellation were not made public.

Just 4 month ago, Stefano Clini succeeded Ted Akiskalos and was appointed as new CEO of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia. Working before for several manufacturers of branded goods like Procter & Gamble, Heinz and British American Tobacco, the Italian joined Carlsberg in 2017 as CEO of Carlsberg Vietnam Breweries.

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