Panama: Cervecerías Barú Starts Local Production of Heineken Brand

Heineken Panama has started local production of its Heineken beer, demonstrating its commitment to local economic development, job creation, and international production standards.

For over sixty years, Heineken has been part of Panama's business scene, strengthening its presence by acquiring Cervecerías Barú over twenty years ago. The move to start local production shows the company's confidence in Panama's economic potential. This commitment is evident in the brand's 59% growth over the last two years.

An investment of over USD 8 million has improved the brewery's infrastructure and logistics, modernizing the plant and ensuring compliance with Heineken's global quality standards. Local production allows the beer to reach Panamanian consumers fresher, reinforcing the brand's premium market position. Additionally, this year, Heineken plans to expand its local product range with Heineken Silver.

This development significantly impacts the economy through investment and job creation, with Heineken Panama projecting more than an 8% workforce increase by 2025.

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