USA: AB InBev to turn spent grain into protein chips

ZX Ventures, the global growth and innovation arm of AB InBev, has revealed that it is backing a startup called Protes which is developing protein snacks made of spent grains. Protes, based in Brooklyn, New York, was founded in 2013 by Krik D. Angacian and Ryan Wiltse and founded by seed capital in an amount of USD 1.25 million. The company markets packets of protein chips and protein popcorn through their online platform and about 10,000 stores nationwide in the United States.

Ab InBev aims to turn spent grain, which is a by-product of beer production and is currently used as animal feed, into a healthy protein snack for human consumption. The International Food Information Council (IFIC) found in their 2018 survey that people trying to address a number of health issues seek out protein over fruits and vegetables.

Co-founder Krik Angacian told Bloomberg that he hopes to have a ready-to-market product early next year.

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