USA: “Monster Hard Seltzer" could be “quite close”

Monster Beverage Corporation is seeking a deal with Constellation Brands, as reported by Bloomberg today. While the type of the deal is still unclear, a takeover or a merger seems less likely since there are little opportunities for savings.

In addition, The Coca-Cola Company has been Monster’s preferred global distribution partner since both companies stroke a deal in 2015 and the soft drink giant from Atlanta  currently holds a 19% stake in Monster which it is unlikely to sell.

Experts speculate that a deal between Monster and CBrands could concern new products, like hard seltzer and cannabis drinks. Monster could use the manufacturing, marketing and distribution deals between Coca-Cola and Molson Coors Beverage Company forTopo Chico Hard Seltzer (, 29.9.2020; inside beer, 18.3.2021) and between PepsiCo and The Boston Beer Company for Hard Mountain Dew (, 10.08.2021) as a blue print for the possible launch of a “Monster Hard Seltzer.

Earlier this year, Monster already launched  an organic energy drink in 12oz (35.5cl) slim-line cans that contained ingredients connected to immunity support. The product, called True North, gave room for speculations of a hard seltzer product and when asked about it, Monster’s CEO Rodney Sacks said in August, that said Monster is “quite close” to releasing its own alcoholic sparkling water.

Another possible field of cooperation could be THC-infused drinks. CBrands is a pioneer in this field with the acquisition of a minority stake in Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth Corp in 2017 (, 30.10.2017). Less than one year later, the company stacked up its holdings to 38 percent while also providing further warrants that could take the stake to over 50% in a deal worth equivalent to a record sum of USD 4 billion  (, 15.8.2018). Meanwhile the Canadian marijuana company has launched its THC-infused drink Quatreau in Canada and the US. (, 2.3.2021)

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