Mexico: AB InBev inaugurates 12 million hl brewery

Grupo Modelo, part of AB InBev, has inaugurated on Monday its new 14 billion pesos (USD $726 million) brewery in the city of Apan in the central state of Hidalgo, Mexico. The company took less than 16 months to build the plant from its first official announcement in November 2017 (, 27.11.2017). The brewing site has an initial capacity of 12 million hl but can be easily extended to 24 million hl, which would make it one of the largest of its kind in the world.

With its eighth brewery in Mexico Modelo satisfies the need for additional production company in a country which beer production has grown in the last 8 years from 80 million hl to 120 million hl. Last year alone, beer production in Mexico has increased by 9.1 percent which means additional 10 million hl.

Apan was selected as site of the new brewery because the city is located only 90 kilometers north-east of the center of Mexico City. According to a study of the United Nations, 21.6 million inhabitants were living in the metropolitan area of Mexico City in 2018 which makes it one of the five largest cities in the world together with Tokio, Delhi, Shanghai and São Paulo.

Another reason for the location is the fact that Modelo can source about 60 percent of its barley needs in the Altiplano region, the large plateau that occupies much of northern and central Mexico where at least 15,000 grain producers reside.


“Starting today, not only will the best barley be harvested in Hidalgo, but the best beer will be produced here,” said Carlos Lisboa, new Zone President Middle Americas at AB InBev. “I have no doubt that Hidalgo will become the land of beer,” added Lisboa, referring to the fact that the new brewery will produce many of AB InBev’s premium brands including Corona, Stella Artois and Michelob.

Carlos Lisboa, new Zone President Middle Americas at AB InBev

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