Russia: Brau Beviale Moscow indefinitely suspended

Brau Beviale, one of the leading trade fairs for the brewing and beverage industry, has to deal with another setback. After the traditional trade fair at the Nuremberg exhibition center had to be canceled on short notice in 2020 (, 16.10.2020) and 2021 (, 3.11.2021) due to the COVID-19 pandemic and again this year due to the proximity to Drinktec in Munich (, 14.1.2022), the Russian offshoot Beviale Moscow now also had to be “indefinitely suspended” due to the war in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia.

The - according to its own statements – “leading exhibition in Russia and the CIS region for beverage manufacturing” should be held from March 29th to 31st, 2022 in the VDNH event center in the heart of Moscow.

Shortly before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, project manager Thimo Holst was still optimistic about the event. "After the successful event in 2021, which was adapted to the circumstances and the current feedback from the market, I am confident that we can resume the previous growth course of Beviale Moscow," he said.

However, against the background of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the organizers now announced that “our intention to give a face to exchange, partnership but also tolerance and common ground at Beviale Moscow 2022 has become beyond reach” and “Beviale Moscow is suspended until further notice”.

And on LinkedIn Mr. Holst added his personal view of the situation:

“Unbelievable. After already challenging years of the pandemic, we are now facing a situation that I could not imagine two weeks ago. Of course the circumstances force us to suspend Beviale Moscow 2022, three weeks before it would have taken place. What a setback for our project...
“Only two comments about it: My personal frustration and our economical loss mean nothing in comparison to the suffering of the Ukrainians. And it also means nothing in comparison with the pressure that now lies on the Russian people to stand up against their government. What a desaster...
“I want to share with you all my respect and big gratitude of the team that I am working with. We are in crisis mode for more than two years now. And each and everytime we find the energy to stand up again, grow our project and be kind and thankful with each other. Thanks to Eugen Alles, Sergei Gorsky and the Team of MF RUS (Ekaterina, Natalia, Alena); Markus Reetz, Heidi Funk and Vera Diakonova.”

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